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Items Prohibited For Import

Unfortunately due to air freight and Ghana’s import regulations, we are not able to ship some items into the country.Items with asterics (*) may be considered and shipped. Kindly contact us to confirm before you order them

Medicines & Dietary Supplements

Prescription medications, including dental & veterinary

Prescription medical devices

Medical devices not approved by export country’s governing body

Prohormones, Human Growth Hormones, stem cell treatments, steroids or synthetic versions

The following items that are not labeled in English, or without import country’s governing body labeling requirements and or has been issued a consumer safety warning:

  • Non-prescription medications
  • Dietary supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE)
  • Perishable products of any kind

Poisonous & Dangerous substances/Equipment

Poisonous substances

Toxic substances, including inhalation hazards Infectious substances

Explosives, fireworks, gun powder, flares or matches Gasoline, diesel or other fuels

Lighters containing fuel

Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides

Radioactive elements or products

Oxidizing agents

Fire extinguishers

Firearms, Weaponry & Military/Tactical Equipment

Firearms, guns & accessories, including replicas

BB/pellet/airsoft/paintball guns, parts and projectiles

Ammunition, magazines & bayonets

Stun guns & tasers

Tear gas, mace & pepper spray

Gas masks & gas mask filters

Law enforcement striking weapons, including saps, batons & billy clubs

Handcuffs of any material, including plastic zip tie restraints & straitjackets

Body armor, helmets or personal protection articles with kevlar or ballistic ratings

Military/tactical/police shields

Government, police or military uniforms, IDs and Badges (real or replica)

Military training equipment

Military and/or dual-use flight helmets and flight jumpsuits

Military and law enforcement equipment

Thermal imaging, InfraRed or other night vision devices

Rifle scopes, laser pointing & aiming devices for firearms

Perishables including foodstuffs
Dry Ice
Frozen Food
Perishable Food
Lab Reagents
Biological Substances or Agents
Live Bait • Human Remains
Flowers, PlantsLab reagents, biologics, cultures, medical specimens
Any food, supplement, drug or cosmetic that has been issued a Consumer Safety Advisory Warning

*Lithium Batteries ( Ion & Metal)
Though described as dangerous items we will be able to ship your batteries for you. However this will come at an extra charge. All charges will be indicated during the review process after an order has been made.

Gambling Materials & items

Lottery tickets

Gambling devices & accessories

Illegal, regulated items

Counterfeit products

Contraband or illegal substances

Lock picking devices

Rough diamonds

Prohibited Electronics

Integrated circuits


Microprocessor chips microcontrollers, and other similar components

Satellite Phones

Ruggedized Computers •

High Powered / Commercial Grade Networking Devices (Servers & Routers)

Military Grade Electronics of any kind

High End Encryption Devices


Some Biometric Devices

High End GPS, Radar, and Sonar Devices

High End Communications Devices / Radios

Self-propelled vehicles

Self-balancing boards (hoverboards)

Damaged batteries

Rifle scopes, laser pointing & aiming devices for firearms