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Return & Refunds Policy’s conditions for a product to be refunded
  • Item has been lost (either internationally or nationally).
  • Item is damaged (physical damage of the product occurred during the shipping process, improper packaging that caused the damage)
  • weren’t able to meet the delivery terms agreed upon (items were delivered later than what was promised).
  • Items delivered weren’t complete or pieces were missing (in this case the customer has the right to refuse the package)
  • Wrong/different items from what have been ordered (according to the description provided by the seller).’s conditions for a product to be returned
  • Approval must be taken from the seller in order to proceed further.
  • Shipping fees back to its seller are charged on the customer.
  • Item must be in new condition.
  • Item must be returned with all its original packaging and accessories.
  • Media items (such as movies, video games, software etc.) must be in their original package, unopened and still in their plastic wrap.
  • Shoes and clothing must be unworn.
Returns from our warehouse at USA:
  • After checking the return availability from the seller side ,We may return the product(s) from our warehouse if they aren’t shipped.
  • Return fees of $15 USD per item will be charged.
  • Additional fees such as (Restocking fees – drop off fees– shipping fees, etc) will be charged "If applicable".
  • All dangerous/hazardous materials (E.g: Flammable liquids, Batteries, etc ) are not returnable.
  • has the right to cancel or stop the return service from the warehouses during high peak seasons or based on a specific circumstances.
Things to Note

Please note that in returning a product shipping fees back to its seller are charged on the customer unless the error occurred on’s part

Refunds are ONLY issued via ,Mobile money, Cash refund at our office, Bank transfer to your account or it can be applied towards another order. does not guarantee physical or technical condition of any used/refurbished items even if it did not match the seller’s description.

Products outer packing may have some handling and shipping sign of wear, in this case, is not responsible of return/refund. is not responsible of Products with a voltage incompatible with the domestic voltage and it will not be returned or refunded.

In the case of receiving a physically damaged product(s) from the shipping company, the incident should be reported within 2 days starting from the delivery date (including regular and national holidays) to be able to take the proper action, Reporting past this period will not be valid. When receiving your order from our local office, it is recommended to do a regular check on product(s) physical condition and all the components related, Reporting any issue past leaving the office will not be valid.

Refunds may take up to 7-30 Business Days depending on the nature of your order.